Entry Forms for Animals

Livestock Regulations

  1. Entry forms provided in this prize list must be used by all exhibitors. Failing to submit a completed entry form to the fair office may result in no prize money being awarded.
  2. Buildings will be ready for the reception of the stock by Wednesday evening.
  3. Stalls will be apportioned among the breeders and to individual exhibitors in equitable proportion, under the direction of the chairman of each committee.
  4. All purebred livestock exhibited must be registered on the records of their applicable breed association, in the name of the exhibitor, at the time of arrival at the show. All statements required of exhibitors in making entries in regard to age and pedigree must be verified in production of certificates of registry.
  5. No animal having a contagious disease shall be allowed to occupy any stall or building or be admitted to the exhibition grounds and if any animal has been admitted through an oversight suffering from any such disease the committee shall immediately order its removal from the grounds.
  6. The Society will take reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of all animals or exhibits, yet they wish it distinctly understood that the owners themselves take the risk of exhibiting them.
  7. The directors reserve the right to amend or change these rules in any way they see fit.
  8. Certificates of registration must be produced in the ring when called for by the Judge or Committee in charge, otherwise animals will be disqualified.
  9. Not more than two prizes shall be awarded in any one section of a class to any one exhibitor unless there be a bonafide competition, that is, unless there be two or more exhibitors.
  10. Exhibitors showing livestock must sign the Declaration & Insurance Form at the bottom of the Entry Form, acknowledging possession of liability insurance coverage of at least one million dollars. Give name of Liability Insurance Company, Policy Number, and Date of Expiry.
  11. If there are less than 3 exhibitors and 24 animals entered in a dairy or a beef show, we reserve the right to cancel that particular dairy or beef show.
  12. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all the buildings.
  13. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all unlicensed areas, which includes the barns and surrounding grounds. This rule will be strictly enforced. Sanctions may be applied.