Horse Pull

Friday, August 19th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

Horse Pull Competitions Rules and Regulations

  1. Pull length is 15 feet, and sidelines are 20 feet
  2. Chairman of the pull will draw for order of pulls.
  3. No horse may compete on more than one team,
    in respect of any pull.
  4. Each team to consist of no more than one teamster and two helpers. Only team members are
    allowed in the area of the competition. Team
    members may not be changed once first pull is
  5. For Light Weight Class, horses’ aggregate weight,
    including shoes, halter and shank, not to exceed
    3,400 pounds; Heavy Weight Class, horses’ aggregate weight in excess of 3,400 pounds. Only loose shanks are permitted.
  6. Teamster and helpers must remain behind the
    double trees when pulling.
  7. Only teamster is allowed in the pull area. No
    helper may lead team to boat or stand at heads
    when horses are being hitch to boat.
  8. Upon entering the pull area, each team has two
    minutes to hitch the horse(s) to the boat and four
    minutes to complete the pull.
  9. If a horse enters pull area for the first time with
    blinders, the binders must remain on for all pulls
    and alternatively, if a horse enters the pull area
    for the first time without blinders, no blinders
    may be used during any pull.
  10. Teamster may either ride or walk, but if they
    chose to ride, they must remain on boat for
    entire pull.
  11. Teams allowed two attempts to complete pull,
    but may forgo second attempt if first attempt is
  12. Any movement that is less than six inches will be
    considered a “chuck” and not a pull. Movement of
    six inches or more, will be considered a pull and
    will start the timer.
  13. A maximum of five minutes is allowed during any
    pull for harness or equipment repairs. Team has
    the option of keeping distance gained prior to
    repair or initiating the pull again from the start
    line. If distance is kept, this will count as one (1)
  1. In the event of a tie of the top teams, such teams
    will be given one pull until a single winning team
    is determined.
  2. Any team going outside of pull area during pull,
    will be disqualified in respect of that pull.
  3. Any team determined by the judges to pose any
    risk of danger to person or property, will be dis-
    qualified from the competition.
  4. Any team exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct at
    any time, as determined by the judges, including,
    without limitation, slashing or whipping any
    horse, cursing or arguing, will be disqualified
    from the competition.
  5. Any team who has a teamster or helper believed
    to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or
    who has consumed or has drugs or alcohol in
    their possession, will be disqualified from the
    competition and may be reported to the
  6. All horses are subject to drug testing, either
    before, during or after the competition. Horses
    testing positive for drugs or teams who refuse to
    submit a horse for drug testing will be disqualified from the competition and will not be entitled
    to participate in any horse pull competitions at
    The Vankleek Hill Fair for a period of two years
    following such disqualification.
  7. Any team who is disqualified from the competition for any reason, will forfeit their entry fee and
    any prize money they might otherwise have
  8. Teams must provide proof of adequate and valid
    insurance and a valid Coggins Test for each horse,
    dated within the last six months, upon request on
    the day of the competition.
  9. All decisions of the judges are final and may not
    be appealed or contested.