Overall Rules and Regulations

  1. Any person may become a member of the Society by paying to the Secretary or Treasurer the sum of $6.00 each year, but no person whose membership at the time is in arrears shall be entitled to vote or be elected to office, or to compete for prizes at the annual exhibition.
  2. All articles entered in the following classes, or under the following headings namely, Hay, Garden Vegetables, Fruits, Horticulture and Culinary Arts MUST BE THE PRODUCT, or the manufacture, as the case may be OF THE PARTY EXHIBITING and MUST BE THE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR IN WHICH THEY ARE EXHIBITED, and if required, THE EXHIBITORS MUST CERTIFY TO THESE FACTS. Grains & seeds may be of the previous year.
  3. No persons will be allowed to enter for competition more than one specimen in any one class unless additional article be of distinct named variety or patterns from the list. This rule not to apply to animals but to all kinds of Grains, Vegetables, Produce, Fruits, Flowers, Baking, Manufactured Articles, etc., to which individual specimen would necessarily be precisely similar to the first.
  4. All articles entered in the Homecraft, Miscellaneous and Photo Divisions must be the workmanship or the manufacture of the party exhibiting.
  5. Any person exhibiting animals, or articles not in accordance with the wording of the section in which entered or contrary to the By-laws and Regulations of the Society shall forfeit all prizes awarded to him or her, and if proved to have acted so knowingly, he or she shall be expelled from the Society.
  6. No person shall receive a premium for any articles or animal which, IN THE OPINION OF THE JUDGES IS NOT WORTHY OF IT. Discretionary premium may be awarded on the recommendation of the judges.
  7. All entries of animals or articles intended for competition must be made on the printed entry form accompanying the Prize List, then forwarded to those specified in each section of the prize list.
  8. NO PERSON SHALL BE PERMITTED IN THE HORSE OR CARRIAGE RINGS DURING THE TIME OF JUDGING – except judges, grooms, or persons in charge of the animals and directors or others in charge of the class.
  9. The Directors shall arbitrate and settle all disputes which may arise among the members, and their decision shall be final.
  10. Prizes awarded and not called for inside of three months after the annual exhibition will be forfeited and considered as a donation to the Society. Cheques must be cashed within 60 days.
  11. All articles intended for competition herein, shall be placed in the Exhibition Hall not later than 11:30 a.m. Thursday, and cannot be removed until 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. All exhibits must be removed before 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
  12. Any member interfering with the judges or using abusive or contemptuous language to any of them shall forfeit all prizes that he/she may otherwise have been entitled to.
  13. Every member receiving in premiums the sum of $6.00 or over, shall leave with the Treasurer his or her membership fee for the ensuing year, and the Treasurer shall deduct said membership fee when paying premiums to the exhibitors.
  14. An exhibitor making a protest must make it in writing, no longer than 10 days after the conclusion of the fair and it must be delivered to cause of complaint or appeal. It also must be accompanied by a deposit of $20.00, which sum shall be forfeited to the Society, if the protest is not sustained. A meeting of the Board of Directors subsequently called, and of which due notice shall be given to all parties interested, the protest shall be fully investigated and finally determined. The Board of Directors earnestly hope all exhibitors will not enter protests without grounds for doing so, as much annoyance and unpleasantness is often occasioned by protests of a frivolous nature.
  15. Every member of the Society, upon payment of his/her membership, will be entitled to all the privileges of membership; to exhibit at the Fair and attend and vote at the Annual Meeting. MEMBERSHIP DOES NOT INCLUDE GATE ADMISSION.
  16. All exhibitors are entitled to admission passes on the following basis:
    HORSES: 1 or 2 animals = 1 day pass; each additional 2 animals = 1 day pass; entries in Heavy Hitch classes = 2 day passes per hitch.
    CATTLE: 1 to 4 animals = 2 day passes; each additional 4 animals = 2 day passes, maximum of 10 day passes.
    SHEEP: 1 to 8 animals = 1 day pass; each additional 8 animals = 1 day pass.
    Exhibition Hall Entries (except Junior classes):
    5 articles or more = 1 pass.
  17. In the event of the Society not having sufficient funds to pay the prizes in full, the directors reserve the right to adjust the necessary percentage as they see fit.
  18. The Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society accepts no responsibility whatsoever, expressed or implied, for any loss, accident, damage or injury to any person or animal on the grounds or in any building. In this respect all livestock exhibitors and any contestants should carry their own liability insurance.
  19. The Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society reserves the right to publish names of prize winners.
  20. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on the fairgrounds.
  21. Alcohol Prohibited: Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited anywhere on the fairgrounds, except in the licensed bar area. This rule will be strictly enforced. Sanctions may be applied.