Saturday, August 19, 2023 – 7:00 p.m.

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All registrations go through Google link: Vankleek Hill Demolition Derby Registration 2023 August 19 2023 @ 7pm (


  1. Entry Fee of $80 per car which includes 2 passes to enter the grounds (payment made by Cash only at drivers meeting)
  2. All derby vehicles will have to be removed from the grounds by 12am or they become property of the VKH Ag Society
  3. A scrap company will be on site to buy cars if you wish to sell, otherwise you must remove the vehicles by midnight of the night of the derby.
  4. There will be a mandatory drivers meeting about one week prior to the derby in which the entry fee must be paid.
  5. All cars are to be in the fairground’s “pit” between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., Saturday, August 19th, 2023
  6. Only the demolition cars will be allowed in the pit area. Do not bring personal vehicles into the pit, as it may result in damage to your vehicle. The Agricultural Society is not responsible for any damage to any other vehicle in the pit area.
  7. There will be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in the pit area. Any participant suspected of being impaired will be disqualified at the judges’ discretion.
  8. The Agricultural Society is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles, tools, etc. in the pit area.
  9. Qualifications for cars:

– All windows must be removed (windshield may be left in, if there is no cracks)
– If windshield is removed, a screen/chicken wire must be installed across windshield
– All chrome and lights must be removed
– Presence of a steel pipe or bar welded across the driver’s door
– Presence of a steel pipe vertical through roof of the car to support the driver’s seat is allowed.
– All other doors and trunk must be wired or chained shut, no welding of the doors or trunk.
– Suspension must not be altered (blocked or jacked-up)
– Any trailer hitches must be completely removed
– Gas tank must be removed, using the original tank is allowed providing no leaks
– 5-gallons of gas must be in a can securely fastened in the back seat, away from the driver
– Gas line must be of proper PSI rating, and not to be ran over the dash, the fuel lines must be covered, or ran under the car.
– A 10-inch hole is to be cut in the hood over the carburetor
– The battery is to be left in the engine compartment away from the driver
– All driver’s doors must have padding on the inside. (Part of the back seat foam works well)
– All vehicles must have a sign on the roof stating their number for the announcer
– ALL wheel weights have to be removed from rims
– All cars must be safe to enter derby if in a previous derby, judge’s discretion

10. New class- Mini Truck- No 1500 or 2500 chassis (only s-10/Sonoma etc….)
11. Each car will be checked by the judges prior to the event for any abnormalities and to ensure that it meets the above regulations.
12. All drivers will blow into an O.P.P. breathalyzer prior to entering the derby ring, and have to pass, or he/she will not be allowed to drive their car. They can however have a substitute driver providing all the regulations are adhered to. All replacement drivers must sign a waiver.
13. All drivers must have a valid class G2 or equivalent driver’s license.

In the ring:

  • if you are pushed onto the blocks or drive onto the blocks you are considered dead, and must break your flag at this time
  • no hitting on the driver’s door
  • you must hit another car at least once a minute
  • you must stop immediately when the siren blows in case of fire
  • you must stop immediately if you are flagged down by a judge
  • drivers should remain in their car at all times
  • a competitor is “dead” when he/she cannot start his/ her car
  • you must break your flag at this time.