Combine Derby


Thursday, August 17, 2023 – 8:30 p.m.

General Rules: All inquiries or registrations: vkhdemo@amanda

  • Drivers should be legal age of majority, or have parental consent (in writing) to participate.
  • Liability Waiver – to be signed by driver and pit crew member(s)
  • Pre-derby inspection
  • Absolutely NO alcohol in Derby pit area. ZERO tolerance.

Combine Equipment

  • Any size of self-propelled combine is allowed, and all equipment is to be original (no reinforced parts or shields) and if the combine is 4wd, the 4wd must be disabled.
  • Remove the glass from the cab and weld or chain the door shut. Put some kind of driver protection on the cab at least 36 inches high. If you do not have a cab, make a roll cage out of minimum 2-inch pipe to protect the driver.
  • Grain Table (Platform) or Corn Head must be fixed between 18” and 24” from the ground. Remove the hydraulic lift cylinders or weld solid and replace them with stationary supports. You may weld, bolt, and/or use bracing from the feeder house to the head to hold the head on. No more than 36” from center of feeder. No more than four braces for header. Two underneath, either weld cylinders or remove cylinder and brace. Only one brace on each side of feeder head. Brace can be welded to front of head, back to either side of feeder house or axle.
  • Grain Table machines only – reel guards, sickles and any loose metal must be removed
  • Both types – ALL ladders, unloading augers and glass must be removed. Disconnect all drive belts to the threshing unit, grain table and straw chopper.
  • Separator MUST be inoperative
  • Exterior fans should be shielded
  • Driver’s door must be secured shut either welded or chains may be used.
  • Fuel tank (MAX 10 Gallons) must be secured inside grain tank, remove the old fuel tank.
  • Batteries must be mounted on top, a MINIMUM of 4 feet from the Driver, and must be securely fastened, no bungees.
  • Only air allowed in tires. Solid tires are not permitted.
  • No additional weight is to be added to the unit.
  • ALL drivers must wear: Helmet and Seatbelt
  • All combines are to be as originally manufactured, with the modifications above only.


Following is a list of common reasons for disqualifications, but this list is not intended to be exhaustive, and there may be other grounds for disqualification:

  • A driver may be disqualified for pushing or pulling a combine outside of the barriers lining the ring
  • High speed ramming is not allowed.
  • Two or more combines locked together must attempt to separate within the three-minute time limit or risk disqualification.
  • Continual out-running or out-maneuvering another machine is subject to disqualification. Aggressive action must be initiated with the three-minute limit.