The following “Hints for Exhibiting Flowers” should be read and applied to ensure your entries are not disqualified.

  • All flowers are to be shown in non-expensive containers. The Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society and/or its directors cannot be responsible for valuable containers.
  • All exhibits should be attractively arranged.
  • All arrangements must be MOVEABLE AND IN ONE SOLID PIECE – no extra pieces to be fastened to the arrangement.
  • Flowers should be as uniform as possible.
  • The exhibit must contain the exact number of flowers specified for the class.
  • Cedar may be used as a filler or base in any of the arrangements
  • Do not leave seed head on exhibit.
  • Exhibits with insects shall be removed from the show.
  • Remove dead foliage.
  • African violets should contain only a single crown in a pot.
  • Ideal gladiolus spikes should show 1/3 open bloom, 1/3 bud and 1/3 green.
  • Be sure to measure the diameter of the blooms and enter the proper size by class.
  • In a floral arrangement, the large flowers and strong colours should be at the base.
  • A spray is a number of blossoms, and a stem is a single blossom (with exceptions, i.e. phlox).
  • Unopened buds on exhibits do not count as a bloom and must be removed except for the classes for Lavatera and Cosmos
  • “Ontario Judging Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design” is available for purchase from the Ontario Horticultural Association at www.gardenontario.org/abo/judging.php

Prize Money: $4, $3, $2

Special Prize: $20 donated by Caroll Carkner awarded to the exhibitor with the highest points in Sections 45 to 60.

Special Prize: $10 Gift Certificate donated by Jade Garden awarded to the exhibitor with the second highest points in Sections 45 to 60.

  • African violet, single, any colour, one crown only
  • Cactus, any kind, no succulent
  • Aloe Vera plant
  • Ivy, any variety
  • Succulent, any kind, no cacti
  • Potted cilantro
  • Potted fern, pot 6 inches or less
  • Most Unusual Plant. Named.
  • Begonia, any type
  • Coleus, any kind, 1 plant.
  • Geranium, any type, in bloom, 1 plant.
  • Potted gerbera daisy plant, in bloom
  • Potted plant in a decorated container.  Western theme. Accessories accepted.
  • House plant, other than those listed in sections 51 to 63, named.
  • Outdoor hanging basket
  • Deck/patio planter.

Prize money: $4, $3, $2 

Special Prize: $25 donated by Steven and Rochelle Anderson in memory of Alice Anderson for most points in Sections 61 to 90

Special Prize: $10 Gift Certificate donated by Jade Garden awarded to the exhibitor with the second highest points in Sections 61 to90.

Descriptive Terms & Exhibitor Tips

  • Garden-grown flowers only should be exhibited.
  • Stem – a flower stalk with one or more flowers, buds, and foliage
  • Bloom – one flower with foliage on each stalk, with no buds showing colour.
  • Spike (spray) – a cluster of individual flowers up and down a stem.
  • Condition – free of disease, insect damage, insects, etc.
  • Colour – should be uniform.
  • Form – proper shape for the type of flower.
  • Substance – fresh, not wilted.
  • Uniform in size when more than one bloom or stem is required.
  • Showmanship/Display counts for part of placing.
  • Always leave some foliage, especially what is under water in the container. 
  • Every entry must have an entry tag well attached to a sturdy container, heavy enough to support the flowers in it.
  • Any appropriate flower, floating in a container, 1 bloom.
  • Asters, 3 blooms
  • Calendulas, 3 stems
  • Cleome, 3 stems
  • Coneflower, (Echinacea) 3 stems, any colour
  • Cosmos, 5 stems, no taller than 24″
  • Dahlia, under 6″, 2 blooms
  • Sedum, 1 stem
  • Gladioli, any solid colour, 1 spike**
  • Gladioli, bi-colour, or tricolour, 1 spike**
  • Lavatera (annual mallow), 3 stems
  • Lily, Tiger lily, 1 stem
  • Passionflower, single bloom
  • Marigolds, over 3″, with own foliage, 5 blooms
  • Marigolds, 3″ and under, with own foliage, 5 blooms
  • Black-eyed Susan, 3 stems
  • Hosta, any variety, 3 leaves
  • Pansies, with their own foliage, 5 blooms
  • Petunias, single, with own foliage, 5 stems
  • Gaillardia, 3 stems
  • Phlox, perennial, 3 stems
  • Rose, 1 bloom
  • Rose, 1 spray or spike
  • Rudbeckia, 3 stems, any colour
  • Salvia, with their own foliage, 5 spikes,
  • Snapdragon, 3 spikes
  • Sunflower, 1 bloom, not to exceed 8”, stem not to exceed 12”
  • Zinnias, 3″ and over, 3 blooms
  • Zinnias, under 3”, 5 blooms
  • A collection of 3 varieties of flowers, 2 of each, provide names.

Online Registration

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