English Light Horse

Sunday, August 20, 2017 – 8:30 A.M. SHARP!

Director: Audrey Dumoulin (613) 675-1565
Judge: Scott Ottewell, Kingston, ON
Jump Course Designer:  Heather Alston

Mail/email entries to:
Audrey Dumoulin
275 Blue Corner Road, L’Orignal, Ont. K0B 1K0


  1. All competitors must hold current membership in the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society. Fee is $6. A list of last year’s competitors who have already paid their membership is available at the Fair secretary’s office and will be available at the Show secretary’s desk.
  2. Membership does not include gate entrance fees. One entrance to the grounds is permitted for one horse.  If required to pay entry to the grounds, please co-operate and do so, then bring your proof of entry to the horse show secretary for reimbursement.
  3.  Membership and entry fees are payable to the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society.  Your cheque must accompany your entry form.
  4. Proof of negative coggins test for the current year is required with all entry forms.
  5. Proof of liability insurance obtained by the owner and covering both the exhibitor and third parties is required with all entry forms.
  6.  All riders must wear approved helmets with chin strap done up at all times while mounted on a horse, even outside the show ring.
  7.  Stallions must at all times be handled by adults or confined to a trailer.  They may not be left tied.  Unruly stallions may be dismissed from the show ring and/or the fair grounds at the discretion of the Show Committee.
  8. Access to stalls in the barn is on first come basis.
  9. Entry Fees: Stake classes, $20; Open & Adult classes, $10; Youth & Short Stirrup classes, $8; Walk/Trot classes, $5.
  10. Youth: riders 14 to 18 yrs.  Short Stirrup: 13 yrs. and under.  Leadline and Walk/trot: 8 yrs. and under – may not enter any other classes.  Novice: horse or rider any age, not ready for canter – may not enter any other classes under saddle.
  11.  Open classes may be entered by Short Stirrup and Youth riders if they feel that they have the ability to compete safely.
  12. Awards given to High Point Short Stirrup Rider, High Point Youth Rider, High Point Adult Rider and High Point Horse.  No points awarded for classes 14, 16, 17, & 18.
13. Prize Money: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Stake classes $10 from each entry will be added to the regular prize money for that class
Open & Adult $35 $25 $15 $10
Youth & Short Stirrup $20 $15 $10 $5
Walk/trot $10 $7 $5 $3


  1. Exhibitors encouraged to submit entries by Aug 17/17. Post entries accepted 30 minutes prior to start of class.
  2. No interference or complaints to the judge will be tolerated. All complaints must be submitted in writing to the VKH Fair English Horse Show Committee, as per General Rules and Regulations #14.


**Practice ring available throughout the day of the show.


  1. Adult Showmanship
  2. Youth Showmanship
  3. Short Stirrup Showmanship
  4. Adult English Pleasure Stake ($$ added)
  5. Youth English Pleasure
  6. Short Stirrup English Pleasure
  7. Adult Equitation – with pattern
  8. Youth Equitation – with pattern
  9. Short Stirrup Equitation – with pattern
  10. Adult Command
  11. Youth Command
  12. Short Stirrup Command
  13. Open Command Stake ($$ added)


16. Open Costume Class ($150 added); Will be run during lunch break. Theme: Celebrating Canada

17. Sr. Equitation Stake – with pattern; Riders 40 yrs. & over  ($$ added)

18. Novice & Short Stirrup Walk/trot Equitation – with pattern

19. Novice & Short Stirrup Walk/trot English Pleasure

20. Novice & Leadline  – Walk & Trot (to be judged on seat & ability); no entry fee

21. Open Pairs

22. Open Urban Trail ($$ added)

23. Youth Hunter Over Fences – Under 2 ft. 6 in.

24. Short Stirrup Hunter Over Fences – Under 21 in.

25. Open Hunter Over Fences Stake – Under 3 ft. ($$ added)

26. Adult Hunter Equitation Over Fences – Under 3 ft.

27. Youth Hunter Equitation Over Fences – Under 2 ft. 6 in.

28. Short Stirrup Hunter Equitation Over Fences – Under 21 in.