Rules – Horses

1. All horses must be brought out for judging or parade purposes whenever required to do so by directors in charge of horse classes.
2. The age of all horses shall be calculated from the first of January.
3. Horses will be allowed in more than one class in harness, pairs, champions or special prizes but no animals shall be allowed to compete under different classification.
4. Registered horses are not allowed to show in Grade classes.
5. All animals competing for prizes must be entered in the name of the bonafide owners. Should doubt arise the director in charge may require affidavits of ownership from the exhibitor.
6. An exhibitor is permitted to make as many entries as desired in a class but only two prizes will be awarded to any exhibitor.
7. All harnessed horses competing in team classes must be hitched to a suitable vehicle. (This rule will be strictly enforced).
8. Competition open to all.
9. Certification of registration must be produced in the ring when called for by the judge or committee in charge, otherwise animals will be disqualified.
10. A horse or pony cannot hold a stall unless it is to be exhibited that day.
11. All horses must have a negative Coggins certificate of the current year.
12. Unless otherwise announced, all hitch horses should be rolled. (Excludes farm teams and poor man’s classes.)
13. Due to time restrictions exhibitors must be on time for classes.
14. Every hitch should have a second capable driver excluding the cart classes.
15. Poor man / ladies class should have safe harness
16. Draft horse riders should have safety equipment.
17. In the event of rain. It will be up to the discretion of the directors how the premiums will be dispersed.