CLASS:  PHOTOGRAPHY – Prize Money – $6, $5, $4

Special Prize: $40 Gift Certificate, donated by Brian’s Place, Vankleek Hill for the exhibitor with the highest points in Sections 205 to 219

Exhibitor Tips:

  • Open to amateur photographers only (not paid for your photography work)
  • Membership must be purchased to exhibit in this photography section
  • Photos should be unframed and mounted on cardboard or bristol board
  • Mounting should not exceed 3” around the photos
  • When indicated a caption is needed, those without captions will be disqualified
  • Snapshots should be 4” x 6” or smaller
  • Judged on imagination, focus, interest, exposure , and composition.

Junior photographers – please see Junior Classes for photography sections which do not require you to purchase a membership.

A – Individual Photos (Individually mounted, with caption)

  1.   Child/children tending a garden or flower bed
  1.   The best time at the Vankleek Hill Fair
  2.   Farm to glass – photo featuring wine or beer
  1.   Scenic shot with blue Canadian Dairy Cow sign
  2.   A favourite shot of a previous Vankleek Hill Fair – must be more than 5 years ago
  3.   Scenic shot of a roadside stand or Farmer’s Market
  4.   My homemade preserves/freezer prep

B – Black and White Individual Photos (Mounted, no captions)

  1.  Wedding scene in rural Ontario
  1.  A farm tractor

C – Collections (Collections must include 4 photos – mounted with captions)

    1.   Harvest season
    2.   Our produce!
    3.   Daily life on the farm
    4.   Fun at the Vankleek Hill Fair – 2018

D – Champlain in Bloom Photo Contest (Individual photos, mounted with captions)
Prizes in this section are sponsored by Champlain Township, Champlain in Bloom Committee

218. Field of Dreams – bountiful crop

219. A country road