CLASS:  PHOTOGRAPHY – Prize Money – $6, $5, $4

Special Prize: $10 donated by Valerie Allen for the exhibitor with the highest points in Sections 204 to 219

Exhibitor Tips:

  • Open to amateur photographers only (not paid for your photography work)
  • Membership must be purchased to exhibit in this photography section
  • Photos should be unframed and mounted on cardboard or bristol board
  • Mounting should not exceed 3” around the photos
  • When indicated a caption is needed, those without captions will be disqualified
  • Snapshots should be 4” x 6” or smaller
  • Judged on imagination, focus, interest, exposure , nd composition.

Junior photographers – please see Junior Classes for photography sections which do not require you to purchase a membership.

A – Individual Photos (Individually mounted, with caption)

  1.   Selfie with a cow
  1.   Child or baby excited to see a cow
  2. Now that’s showmanship…of your cow!
  1.   Scenic shot with blue Canadian Dairy Cow sign
  2.   Moovin’ along on tractor
  3.   Scenic shot of cows in the pasture
  4.   Enjoying milk!

B – Black and White Individual Photos (Mounted, no captions)

  1.  Cow (s) at the wedding!
  1.  Cow – a family pet

C – Collections (Collections must include 4 photos – mounted with captions)

  1.   Country Road Trip
  2.   All kinds of cows – including different breeds
  1.   Farm machinery working
  1.   The Past & Present – two photos of something from the past, paired with two photos of the same or similar items in present day.
  2. Fun at the Vankleek Hill Fair – 2017