Culinary Arts



Culinary Arts Exhibitor Tips:

  • Previous day’s baking desired.
  • Canned fruit and preserves must be sealed.
  • Jellies and jams to be in small (250-500 mL) mason jars, no wax please.
  • Exhibitors to cover baking with clear plastic bag, no plastic wrap please, except on cakes.
  • Muffins, cookies and small cakes are exhibited on small disposable plates provided by the exhibitor.
  • Mixes are allowed only where specified.
  • Use only all purpose flour and remove all cakes from pans, and muffins from paper.
  • Exhibitors of pies and cakes may leave one portion on display and take the remainder home Thursday 7 – 9 p.m. or Friday 9 -11 a.m. Please bring your own knife and a plate on which to leave the one portion.
  • Exhibits must be removed between 3:30 and 4:30 on Sunday


Prizes in gift certificates:  $10 for each 1st and 2nd in Baking Sections 106 – 125 generously donated by Laurin’s Your Independent Grocers (Hawkesbury).  Third prize: $5.00 each.

  1.  Loaf, white bread, no glaze
  1.  1 Loaf, 60% whole wheat bread, winner qualifies for District Competition
  1.  Dinner rolls, white, 3
  1.  Carrot Muffins, 3
  1.  Other Fruit Muffins, your choice, 3
  1.  Lemon Loaf, half loaf shown
  1.  Banana Loaf, half loaf shown
  1.  Chocolate Brownies, 3, approx. 2″ square, with icing, no nuts
  1.  Butter Tart Squares, 3 pieces
  1.  Fruit filled Tarts, 3
  2.  Ginger snap cookies, 3
  3.  Chocolate chip cookies, 3
  1.  Apple Pie, double crust
  2.  Sugar Pie
  3.  Cookies decorated on Canadian theme, 5
  1.  Chocolate cake (9”x9” or 8”x8”), iced, half cake shown
  2.  No Bake Cookies, 3
  3.  Maple fudge, no nuts, 4 pieces, approx. 1″ squares
  1.  Cinnamon Buns, 3, iced
  1.  Rolled Cake (Buche), iced, half shown


Prizes in gift certificates:  $10 for each 1st and 2nd in Bottled Goods Sections 126 – 143 generously donated by Laurin’s Your Independent Grocers (Hawkesbury).  Third Prize: $5.00 each.

Exhibitor Tip:  All jars – 250ml or 500ml (1/2 pint or pint)

  1. Applesauce
  2. Jelly, your choice, labeled
  1. Blueberry Jelly
  1. Red Pepper Jelly
  2. Bar-B-Que Sauce
  1. Strawberry Jam, cooked
  2. Raspberry Jam, cooked
  3. No sugar jam, named
  4. Any other jam, named
  5. Dill Pickles
  1. Bread & Butter Pickles
  1. Beet Pickles
  1. Pickled Eggs
  2. Green Cucumber Relish
  1. Pickled Beans
  2. Salsa
  3. Any condiment not listed
  4. Any Pickled Vegetable not listed, provide name


Prize Money: $7, $5, $3 – except where otherwise indicated.

  1. Historical Recipe – Make a recipe from the Vankleek Hill 2017 Celebration Cookbook from the Vankleek Hill & District Historical Society – attach a copy of the recipe from the cook book and display in/on an old-style container.  Judged on presentation & creativity.
  2. Canadian Maple Syrup – Display creatively on a tray, 5 ways of using maple syrup.  Accessories accepted.
  3. Canada Cookin’ – A place setting displayed on a tray of your depiction of a traditional/typical Canadian meal.  Accessories accepted.
  4. Family Feud – Two family members each bake the same item. (Choose either half cake, 5 cookies, or 5 pieces of squares).  The two items are entered as a pair and the judge will decide the best cook in the family by placing a first and second for each pair.

Prize Money:  $5 for all 1st places; $3 for all second places